Mouthguards: Do You Need One?

mouthguardWhat you probably know is that your teeth and jaws are very strong. You may also realize that this strength can backfire when you deal with a functional issue (like bruxism, when you grind your teeth). Then, there’s the fact that while your smile and supportive structures are quite durable, they are still vulnerable to damage from external sources. So, what to do about protecting your smile when it is open to damage from so many potential factors? Easy. Speak with us about whether you need a protective mouthguard.

If You Participate In Sports

Are you an active individual who either works out on your own, practices an individual sport, or takes part in team sports? Whatever the case, the possibility of experiencing trauma to your mouth as the result of an unexpected impact is much greater than for someone who is inactive. You can protect your smile (potentially avoiding damage and costly restorative care) by wearing a protective mouthguard made for athletics.

If You Grind Or Clench

Do you grind or clench your teeth? If this is a habit you cannot control, you are likely dealing with a functional disorder we know as bruxism. The good news is that you are not without help. Treatment comes in the form of oral appliance therapy – another way of saying we will provide you with a protective mouthguard that you will wear while you sleep to address grinding and clenching.

If Your TMJs Need Help

Are your jaw joints inflamed, functioning differently than they used to, and even causing you discomfort? If you deal with TMJ disorder, we will generally suggest a protective mouthguard similar to therapy recommended for bruxism. It will take a load of stress off of your TMJs, so they can rest and heal.