Spring Time: 3 Oral Health Tips

flowersinsunlightAre you feeling vibrant and exhilarated? It is spring, after all, the flowers are in bloom and the winter doldrums are nearly behind us. Have you decided to channel your energy into good-for-you things like a trip to the dentist? Making use of the beautiful weather as a means to schedule a dental visit and get your oral health up-to-date is always a good plan. Contact us when you have a moment! In the meantime, consider a few compelling tips for springtime smile protection.

Tip #1: Ask Yourself, “Is It Just Allergies?”

Are you feeling tired on a daily basis? Perhaps you suffer from allergies when spring rolls around but you notice you’re experiencing all sorts of symptoms like trouble concentrating, moodiness, and general exhaustion. Schedule a visit with us, so we may examine you and see if sleep apnea may be affecting your rest. A dental visit with us is all it takes.

Tip #2: Revisit Your Prevention Calendar

When is the last time you scheduled your preventive dental visit with us for a cleaning and a checkup? Chances are good if you start the year off with a preventive appointment that you’re getting closer and closer to the six-month mark. Go ahead and give us a call, so we may set up a time for your next appointment.

Tip #3: Take Time To Restore Health

Finally, springtime is here, which means you can visit us without having to bundle up! As a result, we suggest you take your newfound motivation and set it into action by scheduling any restorative treatments you may have ignored throughout the winter. Need a filling or otherwise? Let’s get it on the books, so your smile feels and looks wonderful again.