When Do I Need An Appointment?

dateandtimeYou may feel a bit unsure about when to pick up the phone to contact us. The good news is that there’s not necessarily a right or wrong time to call us. However, we do have a couple suggestions for optimal times to speak with us to schedule a visit. Rest assured, our team is friendly and always glad to answer questions you may have about scheduling over the phone. As for making sure you feel completely comfortable doing so, we encourage you to think about some simple advice.

Schedule A Visit Twice Annually

The consistent answer when it comes to when you should contact us to schedule a visit is: Two times a year, preferably once every six months. We like to see you at such intervals because it gives us the chance to keep a reasonable watch on your oral health. If things are changing (for instance, perhaps tooth decay is beginning), we will find it and treat it often well before you notice a change has occurred. Earlier treatment is always easiest and generally has the highest success rate.

Call Us When Something Is Wrong

Does your tooth hurt? Do your gums look purple? Does something feel strange? Perhaps you just have an overall sense that something isn’t like it usually is with your oral health. Contact us, so we can schedule a checkup for you.

Make An Appointment For Exciting Improvements

Have you been kicking around the idea of a straighter smile or a whiter smile? Do you need a restorative treatment? This is also a very good time to contact us. We are happy to set up consultations if you are interested in cosmetic care. For restorative care, we will do our best to set up a visit that works with your usual schedule.