Worn Teeth, Why, And What To Do

womancoveringmouthbangsHave you noticed that the surfaces of your teeth do not seem as textured with peaks and valley as they once did? Perhaps you have been suffering from sensitivity and discovered from our team that your tooth surfaces are worn. This may occur due to a variety of reasons, though a functional disorder known as bruxism is commonly the cause. Allow us to explain what’s going on with your teeth – and how we can help with cosmetic or restorative care – so your smile is attractive, fully functional, and comfortable again.

About Worn Teeth

If your tooth surfaces are worn, the primary cause is bruxism. This disorder is an issue that takes place when you involuntary move your jaws. This can come in the form of teeth clenching or teeth grinding. In either case, the constant pressure and wear-and-tear may result in the erosion of your teeth. The problem here is that with worn surfaces often comes sensitivity as well as difficulty breaking down food. Fortunately, cosmetic or restorative care can help.

How Can You Fix This?

We can address worn teeth in a couple of ways. If the issue is not advanced and is only affecting the way your smile looks then we can reconstruct the appearance of your teeth with the use of dental bonding or with porcelain veneers – this is also dependent on the location of your teeth. For significant issues with wear or for back teeth, we may suggest restorative care like lifelike dental crowns to offer full coverage and restored structure. As a result, you will enjoy improved comfort and use of your smile again.