Your Pre-Whitening Checklist

checklistWho doesn’t love the idea of a beautiful, white smile? A vibrant grin is appealing to just about everyone, which is why teeth whitening is a common cosmetic treatment suggested by our patients. Though helping you achieve this goal is certainly high on our priority list, there are a few items we suggest you check off of your to-do list before it’s time to schedule your appointment for brighter teeth.

#1: Visit Us For A Checkup

First things first, if it has been six months or longer since your last dental checkup, we suggest you schedule one before you get too excited about teeth whitening. Here’s why: We will provide cosmetic treatment for patients with healthy smiles. However, if you are dealing with issues like tooth decay or gum disease, we will first need to address the health of your teeth and gums before addressing the way they look.

#2: Receive Necessary Restorations

If you receive a diagnosis for an issue that requires restorative care, you need to schedule it and receive the treatment before you get to move forward with teeth whitening. As a result, we will improve the beauty of your smile productively – rather than counterproductively.

#3: Choose Your Whitening Treatment With Us

Is teeth whitening the best option for your smile? The only way to find out is it talk to us about what you need to accomplish. During your dental checkup, this is a good time to bring up your desire for a whiter smile. We will then explore your discoloration concerns and identify the treatment that will work for you, which may include whitening, bonding, or veneers.