3 Surprising Effects Of Sleep Apnea

womansurprisedbobAs you may already know, sleep apnea has the capacity to seriously interrupt your sleep and your waking life in what seems like equal measure. It will rob you of your sound sleep at night, while resulting in extraordinary fatigue throughout the day (in addition to other unkindly symptoms). What you may not realize is that your need for sleep apnea treatment is serious. Avoiding it may result in a few very surprising effects – learn more about why it’s probably time you schedule a visit.

#1: A Significantly Strained Relationship

You know that your exhaustion is getting worse and worse but you may not realize how it affects the rest of your life. Unfortunately, skipping sleep apnea treatment can have a severe effect on your relationship for two primary reasons. First, because a person who sleeps next to you at night will probably wake up when you wake up – he or she will suffer similar symptoms as a result. Second, if you’re exhausted and moody, you may become quite unpleasant to be around.

#2: Serious Health Problems

In addition to placing a strain on relationships, sleep apnea can place strain on many aspects of your general health, from your heart health to your blood pressure and your liver. It is best to choose sleep apnea treatment, so you can avoid damage to your health that can become severe.

#3: Jeopardizing Your Career

Just like communicating with a partner may become difficult, communicating with colleagues and completing your work (and completing it well) may become difficult, too. Don’t place your career at risk – seek out sleep apnea treatment to regain your focus.