3 Ways To Address Dental Hygiene Discomfort

toothbrushandpasteWhen it comes to your dental hygiene, you may find that not only do you experience occasional discomfort with your oral tissues – but you may also experience hand cramping, arm fatigue, and more. Rather than assume you need to just buck up and deal with it, we encourage you to consider a few suggestions that will make things a bit more comfortable. As always, if you need additional assistance, give us a call.

#1: Try An Electric Toothbrush

Are you dealing with discomfort because you can’t seem to brush without putting an enormous amount of force behind it? Perhaps you find that your arm becomes sore or tired, which makes your daily dental hygiene extremely challenging. Do yourself a huge favor and try an electric toothbrush. It takes the majority of the effort out of the experience, so you can simply steer the brush in the right direction.

#2: Change Your Flossing Habits

Do you often avoid flossing simply because your fingertips start to hurt, turn a shade of purple, and then feel somewhat tingly? Stop cutting off the circulation to your index fingers by changing the way you approach flossing. Wind floss gently around middle fingers instead of index fingers. Then, decide where you want the floss to go by directing it not with your middle fingers but with your index fingers and thumbs instead.

#3: Use A Flossing Alternative

Can’t stand the way floss feels between your teeth? Try a water flosser instead for your dental hygiene – it is powerful yet feels surprisingly gentle when you choose a setting that works for you.