3 Ways To Address Headaches

headacheredheadHave headaches become a common theme in your life? If so, we suggest you consider the fact that oral health issues often cause headaches. If you are not sure where to begin with combatting this uncomfortable problem, we encourage you to follow a few helpful suggestions.

#1: Take An Over-The-Counter Pain Reliever

As you know, headaches pop up as the result of a variety of issues. In many cases, those issues may have something to do with your oral health. When you’re seeking immediate relief, whether or not it’s dental related, you may take an over-the-counter pain reliever for comfort. Keep in mind that this is only masking the pain, rather than addressing the source of the problem.

#2: Focus On Relaxation

In most instances, finding a way to relax can help you manage the occurrence and severity of headaches. If stress is a major factor in your life, it may be playing a direct or indirect role in your discomfort. For instance, stress may be contributing to a case of TMJ disorder – you clench your jaw muscles when you are tense, worsening jaw joint dysfunction, and contributing to headaches. Find ways to relax (think yoga or meditation), so you avoid the muscle tension that leads to pain.

#3: Speak With Us About This Issue

Not sure why you keep ending up with headaches? It’s always a good idea to speak with us, so we may determine whether an oral health issue is connected to this chronic concern. Remember that a variety of issues from sleep apnea to bruxism or TMD may cause headaches. Fortunately, we can offer treatment to address both the cause of the headaches and the headaches themselves.