Chewing Gum: Your Questions

questionkaleidoscopeNow that you are all grown up, perhaps you occasionally think about picking up a pack of sugary gum at the store. However, you might be completely unsure about whether this is a good idea. Rather than stand in the grocery store check-out lane with quite the conundrum on your hands, we encourage you to ask your questions about gum and oral health, so you know what’s what.

Q&A: Chewing Gum

Question: Is it okay to chew gum filled with sugar every now and then?

Answer: When it comes to providing you with answers about your oral health from a dental perspective, eating any amount of sugar is never good for your smile. However, if you feel the need to indulge in dessert or any other sugar-filled item, we always suggest the following: Limit the frequency with which you indulge. When you do, immediately rinse your mouth with water afterward and then brush 30 minutes later. Keep in mind that sugary gum is one of the worst items for your smile because you are forcing sugar against your teeth with every bite!

Question: Is it true that I can choose sugarless gum without any negative side effects?

Answer: As long as your smile does not contain devices to which gum may become stuck (like a dental bridge) then there is no danger here. In fact, we suggest sugarless gum because it is good for your oral health – consider choosing this as an alternative to sugar-filled options.

Question: What makes sugarless chewing gum good for my oral health?

Answer: As you know if you have ever chewed gum after eating, it removes food from your teeth (plaque, too). It will also cause your mouth to produce saliva, which is nature’s way of rinsing your mouth to limit bacteria and the chance of tooth decay.