Cosmetic Dentistry: Myths Vs. Facts

factsofficesuppliesDo you find that you want to do something to help your smile look better – but you are having a hard time separating myth from fact when it comes to cosmetic dentistry? Don’t worry – it’s not just you! There’s a lot of information to take in, a lot of misinformation to be found on the Internet, and even more rumors when you begin speaking with friends. To get the answers you want, schedule a cosmetic consultation with our team. For now, get the ball rolling as we dispel some common myths.

Cosmetic Care: Myth Or Fact?

Myth: Cosmetic dentistry is uncomfortable but worth it.

Fact: This area of dental care – and all areas – is completely comfortable. The treatments are carefully selected not only to promote a comfortable application process but also to ensure your oral health and long-term comfort remain in excellent condition.

Myth: You can receive cosmetic care even if your smile isn’t healthy.

Fact: This is not the case. If you want to make your smile look better, it has to be healthy first. Otherwise, a cosmetic dentistry treatment may make matters worse. It may also fail to last if your existing oral health problem progresses. Our job is to make sure your smile is healthy first and foremost – and then to address esthetic concerns. Rest easy, we will come up with a plan for your smile that includes both restorative and cosmetic improvement.

Myth: Cosmetic dentistry treatments look wonderful but don’t last very long.

Fact: Fortunately, you can expect long-term wear out of any of our cosmetic treatments. While porcelain veneers may last longer than bonding, for instance, most treatments will last a minimum of several years.