Fluctuating Hormones: Do They Affect Oral Health?

questionmarks4Perhaps you have often heard that pregnant women are more likely to experience inflamed gums. Maybe you have often noticed that things taste different when your hormones are in flux. While this may sound like the stuff of “old wives’ tales,” hormones really can affect your oral health! Curious about the types of changes that may occur when your body chemistry is cycling? Let’s take a quick stroll through a few changes that might occur.

Periodontal Problems Become More Likely

If you experience hormonal fluctuations, your chance of experiencing problems with your gum health can increase. As a result of an increase in blood flow to your gums due to hormone changes, you may find yourself dealing with sensitive tissue, inflammation, and a greater chance of gum disease. We will assist you in protecting your oral health during dental checkups. However, if you notice changes, feel free to call for additional visits.

Food May Taste Strange

Your hormones have the capacity to change the way foods taste, which is why pregnant women are known for suddenly having a strong aversion to something they previously enjoyed (or a newfound love for particular foods). In addition, your hormones can promote dry mouth, which reduces saliva production. A dry mouth can – you guessed it – alter the way you perceive flavors.

What To Do

When you notice things taste different, that you feel different, that your gums look inflamed, or otherwise, it is important that you contact us, so we may monitor your oral health. We will likely also suggest you schedule a visit with your doctor, as well, so you receive the comprehensive care you need.