Good For Your Health, Bad For Your Teeth

thumbsupthumbsdownYou may find yourself surprised by foods or beverages to which you apply a general label of “good” when you discover they are bad for your oral health. How can something packed full of nutrients be considered dangerous for your smile? The good news is that this topic is not completely cut-and-dry. Remember that many of the foods you eat can contribute to tooth decay or gum disease – even if it’s not candy or something typically considered “off limits” for a healthy smile.

Stop The Stickiness

You might think to yourself that fruit in any form is good because … well … fruit is naturally good for you! However, if you’re not biting into a fresh apple, banana, or otherwise, you may be putting your oral health at risk. We’re talking about sticky foods (dried fruit included). The sticky factor results in coated teeth! Natural sugars then remain on teeth, which promotes tooth decay. Avoid stickier foods when possible.

Cut Out Extra Citrus

Though it is sunny and delicious, citrus fruit is also quite acidic. Eating it in moderation – and remembering to rinse and then brush afterwards – will make sure you get your vitamin C. However, keep in mind that the acids can attack your teeth, making them more vulnerable to tooth decay. Next time you eat an orange or drink lemonade, follow it up with some water.

Skip The Sports Drink

They claim to hydrate you after a tough workout – and they do – but sports drinks are also extremely acidic. Fortunately, water is neutral and is a natural option for becoming hydrated. When possible, stick to water to protect your teeth.