2 Ways To Spin Your Dental Thoughts

thinkingmanHave you ever thought much about your self-talk when it comes to dental care and your oral health? What do we mean by this, exactly? Well, what we mean is: What do you say to yourself on a daily basis when you think about caring for your smile? Are you saying positive things that make you feel confident and motivated about your grin? Or, are you saying things that make you feel afraid, unmotivated, or generally grumpy? Consider some common (not-so-great) thoughts that often go through our patients’ minds – and replace them with a new, positive approach.

Regarding Dental Hygiene

Original Thought: “I need to brush and floss, so I can avoid the pain and damage associated with cavities and other problems.”

New Thought: “I need to brush and floss, so I can enjoy wonderful oral health and a beautiful smile.”

If you’re trying to motivate yourself to brush and floss with a fear-based approached, you’re going to feel anything but happy and excited about the experience. Focus on the good thing you’re doing for your smile, so you can concentrate on your grin’s wellbeing and doing your best job with prevention.

Regarding Dental Visits

Original Thought: “I don’t want to schedule my dental visit – what if something is wrong?”

New Thought: “I’d better schedule my dental visit – if anything needs a repair, fixing it right away will make the experience so much easier.”

It’s important to remember that avoiding visits won’t help you avoid problems – it will just give problems time to get worse. Chances are also good we will discover that your oral health is in exceptional shape! Keep in mind that remaining proactive is always your best bet.