3 Reasons To Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation

reasonssignAre you interested in making your smile look a whole lot more attractive? Maybe there’s just one little issue that has been driving you crazy but you’re not sure how to make a change. Good news! We are always happy to take your call and schedule a cosmetic consultation for you. However, you might not be sure if this offer applies to you or whether your reason for coming in will be deemed appropriate. First of all, anyone interested in a prettier smile is welcome to a consultation. As for some good reasons to come in to see us – let’s do a bit of exploring.

Reason #1: You Will Have Time To Talk

Wondering what you can accomplish during a cosmetic consultation? You can tell us all about your smile, including what you feel looks good, what you are not happy with, what you can envision for the future, what your budget is like, how you imagine the timeline, and anything else that is relevant!

Reason #2: We Will Answer Your Big (And Little) Questions

During a cosmetic consultation, we will also talk a lot. We will listen to everything you have to say and answer your every question. We will examine your teeth and gums and the overall structure of your smile. As a result, we can talk to you about how you might want to move forward, so you feel happy with your smile instead of disappointed.

Reason #3: We Will Plan Cosmetic Care

Maybe we will tell you that you need restorative care first (if so, you may set up a visit for your procedure, so we can move ahead with cosmetic care ASAP). The goal is to use the end of your cosmetic consultation to agree on a care plan, which will include short- and long-term goals and specific treatments.