3 Responsibilities Of Dental Crowns

3balloonredHow much do you know about the responsibilities of dental crowns? Have you been hearing about how versatile a crown can be but the only thing you know about these restorations is that they are essential when a dental filling isn’t going to cut it? Perhaps you had no idea crowns could look so lifelike and are simply interested in learning more about the roles they play in restoring one’s oral health. Do yourself a favor and learn more about the duties of the crowns – you’ll be surprised by just how much they do to repair your smile.

Responsibility #1: Support A Bridge

A dental crown is used on either end of a dental bridge for placement. Your bridge is a tooth replacement solution with a crown on either end. The crowns “bookend” one or up to three artificial teeth that will replace missing teeth in a row. We use the end crowns by bonding them over remaining natural teeth – this provides anchored support to the artificial teeth that lie between the crowns (called pontics), so your smile is restored.

Responsibility #2: Cover A Tooth

As you know, a dental crown is a hollow tooth made of artificial, lifelike material. When your tooth is too decayed, damaged, or unstable to continue supporting itself – or when other restorative treatments cannot come to the rescue – we will cover that tooth with a crown. It will allow you to save the natural tissue without losing your tooth’s function.

Responsibility #3: Restore An Implant

Did you know that a dental implant is simply the prosthetic that replaces your missing tooth’s roots – but not the visible part of your missing tooth? A beautiful dental crown will replace the part that rests above your gumline. We call this “restoring” your implant with a crown.