How To Approach Sun Exposure

sunskycloudsWhen you’re planning to spend some significant time outdoors during the summer, you may find yourself feeling somewhat conflicted. On one hand, you have heard that the sun is essential – you need sunlight to remain healthy. However, you have also heard that sun exposure is dangerous for everything from your skin to your oral health, so you assume maybe you should avoid it. This is certainly not a black-and-white topic – allow us to help you understand safely enjoying fun in the sun.

Don’t Forget About The Harmful Rays

It’s true, the sun has some harmful rays (UV rays). Unfortunately, these rays can cause a variety of problems for individuals, from damaging your vision to causing skin cancer – this can even affect your oral health if cancer forms on your lips. As a result, it’s important to remember that even though it’s healthy to spend time in the sun, it’s only okay if you protect yourself. Wear sunscreen, a lip balm with an SPF, sunglasses, and make sure you stay hydrated.

Remember That It Offers Advantages

Yes, the harmful rays of the sun can affect your oral health negatively – however, the sun is also very beneficial and essential to your survival and our ability to thrive. Sunlight offers vitamin D, which is necessary for successful bone growth and development (and other aspects of your wellbeing). Want healthy teeth and bones? You’ll need to play in the sun! Remember that the primary source of your vitamin D comes from the sun, so spending time outside is good for your happiness and your body.