Preventive Care Fast Facts

factsblocksDo you find that you have what seems a pretty good handle on your preventive care – but there are those little details that you often glaze over because you’re just not sure if you’re getting them right? First of all, remember that we will always be pleased to provide you with answers to any questions you have during your visits (even if they seem like something you should already know). As for helping you feel empowered regarding your dental hygiene and other efforts in the land of dental prevention, consider some quick responses to frequent topics of interest.

About Your Toothbrush

You should use a toothbrush with soft bristles always. It’s extremely important that you start over with a new toothbrush every four months or so to ensure your preventive care efforts are successful.

About Your Floss

Your dental floss choice is completely up to you. There is no one particular flavor or texture that is the right choice. Making the decision will need to be something you do by testing out some varieties to see which is most comfortable and effective for you.

Hygiene Duration Details

When you brush your teeth, you should do so for two full minutes. This should occur two times each day – we usually suggest you brush in the morning then brush again at night before bedtime. You should floss during at least once of these brushing sessions – once daily is fine (though more is also acceptable).

Preventive Visit Frequency

We would like you to schedule your appointment for preventive visits (which include a dental checkup and dental cleaning) once every six months. Seeing you two times a year is essential in making sure your smile is healthy.