Side Effects Of Poor Alignment

sideeffectsmarkerYou may think that the way your teeth are positioned in your mouth is strictly a cosmetic issue. Sure, you would enjoy a straighter smile, but seeking orthodontic care has always seemed unnecessary – or a luxury. While we understand your perspective, it is important that you take a moment to recognize something very important: The alignment of your teeth can lead to serious consequences with your oral health and even your daily quality of life! Let’s examine this idea – you just might get the motivation you need to pursue a straighter grin.

It Can Lead To Functional Problems

This won’t surprise you, particularly if your alignment is quite severe. When your teeth do not fit together comfortably, you will find that speaking can feel taxing (especially if certain teeth hit together), chewing your food may also be difficult, and even closing your mouth to rest can be uncomfortable. As a result, these daily tasks may start to feel like a chore. The alignment concerns can also encourage the development of TMJ disorder and bruxism. Fortunately, aligning your smile with orthodontic care will lead to comfortable daily use of your teeth.

It Can Lead To Damage

There are a couple ways avoiding orthodontic care for your misalignment can lead to damage. First, if your teeth are difficult to clean (and keep clean) on a daily basis, you may find yourself with cavities or periodontal disease. This is quite common with spaced or overcrowded teeth. Or, if your teeth are constantly grinding against one another or tapping one another, you may experience eroded tooth surfaces and even fractures. Aligned teeth will fit beautifully together, so keeping them clean and healthy is simple.