Why Treat Summer Allergies?

whyrainbowAre you having some flare-ups with your allergies that you always hope will go away once spring has officially left for the year? While it’s frustrating to continue suffering throughout summer, it is something that many patients experience on an annual basis. If you’re someone who is on the fence about taking an allergy pill or seeking other forms of treatment, you may wish to consider some of the oral health reasons we suggest you treat allergies and other forms of chronic congestion.

For Snoring Or Sleep Apnea Issues

Are you known as the loud snorer in your home? Perhaps you suspect you are suffering from sleep apnea (or are already receiving treatment). In these instances, your problems are caused by partially or fully blocked airways during your sleep. Anything that contributes to this blockage is something you should consider treating. Allergies, for instance, can worsen these oral health concerns, so do your best to find a solution to reduce the inflammation and congestion.

To Avoid Dry Mouth

Especially in summer when it’s hot outside, it’s important to pay attention to your level of hydration. You’ll want to ensure you’re drinking enough water to keep yourself healthy and – when it comes to oral health concerns – to keep your smile moist and clean. Unfortunately, if you suffer from allergies and cannot comfortably breathe through your nose, you may breathe through your mouth, which will dry out your oral tissues. The result (dry mouth) can lead to bad breath and may increase the chance that you will develop cavities. Treat that congestion, drink enough water, and breathe comfortably again to protect your smile.