Why You’re Still Getting Stains

frustratedwomanAre you taking great care of your smile? Well, let’s rephrase that: Are you remaining completely committed to brushing your smile every day, twice a day, and flossing once daily – but you’re still experiencing staining? While a bit of staining is natural (it’s just a part of aging and normal wear-and-tear), excessive staining is not normal. This means that something is not quite right with some aspect of your daily habits. Let’s examine a few reasons you may be experiencing discoloration (even with effective brushing and flossing) and how cosmetic care can help.

It’s The Antibiotics

Are you on tetracycline? Perhaps you are taking another medicine with side effects that include tooth discoloration. If so, this may be your problem. All the brushing and flossing in the world – preventive visits, too – cannot prevent the stains that develop as the result of medicine. Speak with your doctor about your options (and then let us know when you are ready for cosmetic care).

It’s The Tobacco, Coffee, Etc.

Are you indulging in something on a daily or quite regular basis that is a known teeth-stainer? If so, you are going to experience staining because your teeth are being exposed over and over to highly pigmented substances. Fortunately, you have the option of limiting these pigments or remembering to rinse then brush your teeth after you partake.

About Care

If you are experiencing staining, we encourage you to come in for a visit, so we can help further guide you toward maintaining a white smile. We will also be happy to discuss your cosmetic care options, such as teeth whitening, that can ensure we return your smile to its once vibrant shade.