3 Things We Wish Patients Would Ask

3bluewallAre there questions that you want to ask us when you’re visiting us? Perhaps you want to give us a call but you just feel too shy. While we always appreciate that some are shier than others, we also worry that there are opportunities or benefits you are missing out on because you don’t think it’s okay to ask – and it is always okay to speak up and let us know if you’re curious about something. While it’s easy to tell you that every question is a good one, we would like to make note of a few specific inquiries that we wish patients would feel more comfortable asking during a dental visit.

Question #1: “Can I have sedation?”

Do you want sedation? Do you think you might want sedation because the idea of coming in for a dental visit or a particular procedure makes you feel quite anxious (or even just a tad bit nervous)? Please ask us about this option. In most instances, you will probably make a good candidate and can enjoy a more relaxing experience.

Question #2: “Why does my mouth feel different?”

In general, we encourage you to schedule dental visits so we can find changes that you cannot detect on your own. However, even if we note that everything with your oral health is A-OK, it doesn’t mean you aren’t experiencing new sensations. Rather than worrying about new feelings, we encourage you to ask about them. This way, we may explain them and set your mind at ease.

Question #3: “How do I care for my teeth more successfully at home?”

Patients are so often embarrassed to ask questions during dental visits to which they think they should already know the answers. Don’t shy away from these fundamental and very important questions that will ensure your smile remains healthy.