Gum Contouring Q&A

Q&AbuttonredHave you been reading up on dental and gum contouring because you are unsatisfied with some aspect of your smile? When it comes to gently reshaping teeth to arrive at improved consistency or symmetry, contouring is certainly an effective cosmetic dentistry treatment. However, when you’re not sure which type you need or what to expect, the process can start to seem tricky (rather than simple – which it is). While it’s best to schedule a consultation with our team, we invite you to gain a bit of clarification with a Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Shaping Your Gums

Question: Is gum contouring the same thing as dental contouring? If not, what’s the difference?

Answer: These are not the same treatments. Contouring your gums means that we will remove a small portion of your gum tissue to improve the way your smile looks. “Dental” contouring is a treatment that allows us to remove a minimal portion of your tooth tissue for esthetic improvement.

Question: Will I need a long time to recover from gum contouring?

Answer: No! Fortunately, you may not need stitches, either. We offer laser contouring, which means we will use a laser instead of manual instruments. Translation: The laser both makes incisions and cauterizes your tissue, so healing is quite fast. Rest assured, we will send you home with specific instructions for aftercare.

Question: How do I know which type of contouring I need for my smile?

Answer: This depends on your preferences and your smile needs. We do not expect you to come into our practice knowing exactly which cosmetic treatments are best for you. Instead, we will take a look at your smile, speak with you about what you would like to change, and then let you know which type of contouring (or other treatment) best suits your plans.