Is Cosmetic Dentistry For Men, Too?

Is Cosmetic Dentistry For Men, Too?Let’s face it, most of the time, when people hear the word “cosmetic” they think of lipstick, mascara or eyeshadow. To a dental practice, the word cosmetic has a much broader meaning: it means something that helps you look better and feel more confident. Cosmetic dentistry includes transformative cosmetic procedures for smile improvement. These can be multi-visit and single visit changes that benefit both men and women. Having teeth  professionally whitened is an example of a single-visit cosmetic procedure that can benefit men and women alike.

What Cosmetic Procedures do Men Have?

Any smile that needs help can benefit from a cosmetic procedure. If you want a younger looking smile, you may benefit from a teeth whitening treatment, for example. A smile with too much gum can can benefit from gum contouring. Both men and women can feel self conscious about a noticable gap between teeth, or a chipped tooth from a childhood accident. Rather than thinking of certain procedures as “for men” and certain procedures as “for women”, think of them all as ways to enhance the beauty and comfort of your smile

I’m Interested! What is the Next Step?

If you are currently our patient for preventive care, such as checkups and cleanings, let us know  you’d like to discuss cosmetic procedures when you come in. We also look forward to meeting new patients for cosmetic consultations. You don’t have to have a specific procedure in mind. If you will show us what is bothering you, we have the expertise to suggest solutions.