Q&A: Are You Making Dental Hygiene Difficult?

Q&AtalkbubblesAre you starting to think that the problems you’re experiencing with dental hygiene are simply stemming from your own attitude about the whole thing? Do you sometimes wonder if you could give yourself just the tiniest bit of an attitude adjustment if you would start to feel good about caring your smile instead of frustrated? If so, you’re certainly onto something. Oral hygiene can feel extremely easy and rewarding as long as you adopt a positive perspective. Let’s look a bit more closely at this topic with a Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: I know I need to brush and floss my teeth but I just don’t always feel like making my way through a dental hygiene session. Can I make this easier on myself somehow?

Answer: Yes. You can begin thinking about the benefits of prevention, while you focus on feeling a sense of gratitude toward brushing and flossing. For instance, consider the ways prevention helps you. This practice helps you save money, avoid discomfort, avoid future tooth loss, enjoy a beautiful smile, avoid bad breath, and more.

Question: Brushing and flossing are always overwhelming to me in some way. What can I do to make dental hygiene feel more accessible?

Answer: It’s often best if you brush and floss around the same time each day as a way to establish a routine. As a result, you will go through the motions and reap the advantages without a second thought. You may also wish to change out products you don’t like with those that you do for an enjoyable experience.

Question: I always forget about my dental visits and then I have trouble getting an appointment. What can I do about this?

Answer: Schedule your next visit with us as you’re on your way out from each completed preventive care visit.