Remove Wisdom Teeth Soon

wisdomteethbluefaceHave you already been told that you have wisdom teeth that require removal? Perhaps the need for wisdom teeth removal is your teenager’s but you haven’t had time to schedule the procedure thanks to life being so busy and the days seeming too short. Good news: We are here to offer you some helpful motivation to give us a call, schedule your visit, and take care of those third molars once and for all.

Soon Isn’t Soon Enough

Remember that wisdom teeth removal is essential not because third molars are always problematic – but because your molars are problematic. Once it becomes apparent that something is wrong, whether the teeth are impacted or growing on an odd angle, it’s time for them to go. The longer you avoid the issue, the more time the teeth have to press against other teeth, cause discomfort, or lead to infection or cysts.

Summer Is Almost Over

July is wrapping up, which means that if you’re enjoying summer vacation, the time of leisure is almost over. School will be back in session soon! As a result, whether you need wisdom teeth removal or your teen does, this is a wonderful time to schedule the procedure. You have the restful days of summer to come in without canceling plans or missing class time – and you will have all the time you need to rest and recover.

Not Sure?

If you aren’t sure about your wisdom teeth or your child’s third molars, give us a call. We will schedule a dental checkup for you, so we may take a look with our eyes (and digital X-rays) and let you know whether your wisdom teeth require removal.