Toothaches: 3 Steps Toward Relief

stepbystepDo you know what to do when you suffer from a toothache? If not, we encourage you to consider some helpful steps for addressing this oral health issue. After all, dealing with pain or other forms of discomfort within your tooth can be a bit unnerving to say the least. The good news is that once you feel prepared regarding how to respond, should this occur, you will also feel extremely confident about how to handle things. By quickly tackling the concern, you will be able to look forward to comfort within mere minutes.

Step #1: Achieve Quick Relief

To begin, you will want to achieve relief as quickly as possible. Rather than attempting to sit down and scour the web to figure out what’s wrong with your oral health, focus on alleviating the symptoms. You have some options here. If you have oral numbing gel, you may use this on the affected area. You may also hold a cold pack against your cheek and take an over-the-counter pain reliever to counteract discomfort and swelling (just follow the instructions printed on the container).

Step #2: Ask Yourself About The Severity

Now, your tooth is starting to feel better, so you have time to spend a moment thinking about your tooth. If you are dealing with heightened pressure (perhaps you are on an airplane when it occurs or you have a sinus infection), then discomfort can take place. Perhaps you accidentally bit down on something hard. Or, maybe you have a cavity or infection. If the pain is severe or hangs around longer than 48 hours, you will need a dental visit.

Step #3: Contact Us

Not sure if something is wrong with your oral health? Worried something is seriously wrong? Whatever the case, contact us. We can provide you with a final answer and a method for regaining your comfortable smile.