Your Old Restorations

questionmarksfaceWhat to do about your old restorations, you may wonder? Is it important to replace the work you have in your smile? What happens if you leave a dental crown in place for multiple years, even after it appears to need replacing? If you are uncertain about the work you currently have placed in your smile, feel free to schedule a visit with us (and remember, we will check your restorations during each dental visit). As for a little clarification regarding what to think about old work, let’s consider some facts.

Too-Old Restorations Can Harm Your Oral Health

If your dental work, such as old crowns, have seen better days, you might think that this is just an annoying issue that you have to deal with – but you may not realize it can affect your oral health. For instance, if your crown no longer fits, bacteria may slip beneath it and cause decay or infection. If your bridge is no longer fitting, it may throw off the balance of your bite, leaving you with headaches and a greater chance of experiencing bruxism or TMJ disorder.

We Can Replace Old Work

Perhaps you do need dental crowns, a bridge, or other restorations replaced. Whatever the case, this isn’t something you need to figure out on your own – nor is it something you need to learn to live with. We can simply replace them if we deem them unfit for your smile.

Old Restorations Aren’t Necessarily Bad

Just because a restoration is old doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad or harming your smile. If we determine that it’s still going strong (after all, dental crowns can last over 20 years!) then you can rest easy and continue reaping the benefits.