2 Ways To Relax

twogoldFor many patients, there’s nothing in particular about any procedure or dental care itself that is unattractive or frightening. There’s just something in general about a trip to the dentist’s office that elicits a sense of dread or anxiety. First, it’s probably helpful to know that we understand the butterflies in your stomach and would like to do what we can to help. As a team, we practice with kindness and compassion to help you feel at ease. As for additional efforts that can help you feel surprisingly relaxed, we have a couple helpful suggestions (including the use of dental sedation).

Go All Natural

Perhaps you are happy to know we offer dental sedation just in case you need it but you prefer to rely on natural methods when possible. If this is the case, we encourage you to consider the extraordinary capacity of music to completely affect your emotional state. Think about the type of music that makes you feel happy, content, relaxed, or even that makes you feel sleepy. By creating a playlist of these types of songs, you are free to listen to it (perhaps from an MP3 player) during your visits with us, so you can drift away into a cozy, meditative state. Remember, it’s also beneficial to combine this with sedation if you so choose.

Choose Sedation

About that dental sedation: We are always happy to talk with patients about incorporating relaxing medicine as a means of achieving a calm state of being. There is no special way to approach the topic. Simply let us know that it’s something you have been thinking about and we can focus more seriously on choosing from among nitrous oxide, IV sedation, or oral sedation to help you more comfortably enjoy your dental care experience.