3 Summer Trends To Continue Into Fall

autumnleaveswoodpanelWhile there are those things we may have cautioned you against during the summer (like too much lemonade), there are also those beneficial habits we strongly suggested you do practice for your oral health. You can, of course, assume that the bad-for-you stuff is still bad. However, you may wonder if the beneficial recommendations we made stand the test of each season. The answer is: Yes! Always. If we tell you something is good for your smile during the summer, you’re going to want to continue practicing it right on into the fall and beyond.

#1: Keep Drinking Water

Remember how we suggested you avoid sugary, acidic drinks and stick to drinking water as often as possible during the summertime? This is still our main suggestion for your oral health throughout the fall. You need to remain hydrated just as much and you may need that water to rinse off the residue from sweet autumn treats like pumpkin cookies and candy!

#2: Keep Using SPF Lip Balm

You might forget that the sun is still out in full force during the autumn months as the temperature drops. However, protecting your oral health by keeping your lips safe with SPF balm is still just as beneficial!

#3: Keep Treating Allergies

Are you someone who suffers from allergies in the spring and in the summer, too? How about during autumn? For some, dealing with allergens is a yearlong process that can result in serious congestion. Unfortunately, congestion can lead to oral health related problems like dry mouth or sleep apnea. Keep your airways in check, so you avoid additional problems.