Invisalign: Are You Sabotaging Your Treatment?

invisaligntrayhandThe day you receive your first set of clear aligner trays is a day to smile about. Soon, your misaligned teeth will be in order and the grand reveal will include nothing short of a miraculously straight smile! That is, assuming you follow our instructions for your Invisalign treatment. If not, you might find that you have accidentally sabotaged the success of this easy-to-use orthodontic system. To make sure you’re on track, let’s review some important questions.

Are You Wearing It Often Enough?

Are you wearing the trays as we suggest? Unfortunately, there is no sneaking around when it comes to avoiding wearing your Invisalign treatment. The proof will be evident without anyone tattling on you! If you wear your trays approximately 20 hours to 22 hours every day, you can expect them to work as expected. If not, the shifting will not go as planned, which can severely limit the success and speed of treatment.

Are You Cleaning Your Trays Correctly?

Are you brushing your Invisalign treatment trays as we have suggested? Or, have you come up with your own ideas regarding the best approach to getting them clean? Unfortunately, if your efforts are too vigorous or if they include hot water, you might be damaging and altering the shape of the trays. As you might imagine, this can derail the progress of your treatment.

Are You Removing Them To Eat?

It’s very important that you remove your Invisalign treatment trays from your mouth when you eat or drink (anything other than room temperature or cool water, that is). Food and drink particles can become trapped within the trays and on your teeth, leading to decay and other problems. Chewing and drinking with them in can also lead to tray damage.