Procrastination Station: 3 Things That Can Happen

3sparkleAre you a natural procrastinator? Perhaps you are on top of all of the details in your life except for your dental care. Whatever the case, it’s often a natural inclination to put oral health issues off to the last minute. We understand that there are other things that often take priority over your need for a cleaning, checkup, restorative treatment, or otherwise. However, this approach isn’t going to benefit your smile. Let’s review a few not-so-great things that can happen when you wait too long to address your smile.

#1: Things May Get Worse

In general, if something happening with your oral health isn’t on track, it’s not going to remain just as it is until your next dental care visit nor is it going to get better on its own. It is going to get worse. Whether the issue is a cavity, a broken tooth, an infection, or anything else, you will find upon your next visit that the problem may have transitioned into something more complex or that the severity is simply much greater.

#2: Costs Can Go Up

Let’s say you had a cavity but you procrastinated on treating it. As a result, we found during your next visit that the cavity had turned into an infection. This means you went from requiring a tooth filling (a simple and budget-friendly treatment) to requiring a root canal and crown (two more complex and more costly treatments). Act quickly with your smile to avoid spending extra money.

#3: You May Avoid Care Even More

Unfortunately, avoiding dental care can lead to further avoidance. As a result, you become anxious about what we will think, about additional costs, and about what to expect, and you might simply avoid calling us. Do yourself a favor and call us no matter what. Even if you procrastinate, we are here to help you get back on track!