Q&A: How Can I Protect Dental Work?

womancoveringfaceWe often notice that even patients who tend to overuse their teeth without a care in the world suddenly become extremely nervous about safeguarding them once they receive restorations. While trying to keep your smile safe is admirable, becoming a little bit neurotic about preventing damage is only going to cause you anxiety. Fortunately, protecting your dental work is something that can become second nature. Allow us to answer some common questions, so you feel more comfortable about moving forward with your newly improved grin.

Questions and Answers

Question: After you place my dental work, such as a dental crown or filling, is the problem that brought me in for care going to continue to cause damage?

Answer: No. When we provide you with restorative dentistry, there are a couple things that are going on. First, we clear away the problem (like infection or decay) so it is no longer present and can no longer cause damage. Then, we place the filling, crown, or otherwise to restore the lost tissue and to keep your tooth intact.

Question: Do I need to buy special products to keep my dental work in good shape?

Answer: The answer to this question is usually a “no.” Your usual toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss will work wonders, so long as you are using them as we suggest. However, in specific cases, we may suggest helpful accessory items (like floss threaders) if you are having trouble navigating around your device.

Question: How long is my dental work going to last?

Answer: This is something that varies on a case-by-case basis from person to person. With proper care, your restoration should last anywhere from three to five years to several decades. For more particulars, feel free to ask us during your next visit.