Why Your Brushing Isn’t Working

whyblockThere are times when the thing you’ve been doing on autopilot (and which has seemed to work for a while) suddenly stops working. It’s hard to pinpoint why, which can cause some serious frustration. Perhaps your beloved shampoo and conditioner begin leaving your hair dull or your favorite food gives you a stomachache. As a result, you easily make a change or just avoid the problematic product. When it comes to your brushing routine, however, this can feel confusing. Should you change the products? What to do? Don’t worry … we’ve got some advice!

Changing Your Habits

There are multiple factors involved in successful brushing. Part of the process includes the products you choose. Part of the process includes your own efforts and consistency. If you’ve had success in the past but find that your brushing routine is not offering the result you expect, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Your Method: Has something changed about your approach? Ask yourself if you are remembering to thoroughly brush every tooth.
  • The Timing: Are you under the impression that you are brushing for two minutes but you aren’t certain? It’s easy to rush on accident. Get back on track by timing your brushing routine.
  • The Products: Did you change products recently? Perhaps you accidentally bought a toothbrush without soft bristles or your new toothpaste is simply not very effective. Go back to your trusted items.

Scheduling A Visit

If you check every detail you possibly can but you still find that your brushing routine is not yielding effective oral care, we suggest you come in. A problem like tartar buildup could be preventing you from enjoying successful smile cleaning.