Can You Fix My Bruxism Damage?

bruxismmouthAre you upset and concerned because you are suffering from damage that has occurred due to bruxism disorder? The good news is that it is entirely possible to repair the damage, whether it’s minor and something that you’ve just noticed or quite serious. Remember, you don’t need to worry about your repaired smile becoming injured again due to your bruxism. In addition to fixing your smile, we can prevent the reoccurrence of injury with gentle bruxism treatment. It’s a win-win!

Cosmetic Care For Minor Damage

If you have just begun suffering from damage associated with bruxism disorder, you are probably looking at some very minor damage. For instance, you might have chipped a tooth or two. In this case, we can begin by providing you with cosmetic care because the damage you have experienced is esthetic in nature, which means it’s not doing any harm to the actual health of your smile. This could include bonding or a porcelain veneer.

Restorative Care For Serious Damage

We may suggest restorative care for you when your bruxism disorder leads to damage that does affect the health of your smile. This might mean you have experienced cracks, a broken tooth, or even tooth loss. How can we help? For a tooth that is still standing and that does not require an extraction, we can provide a gorgeous, lifelike dental crown for what looks like a brand new tooth. For a tooth that requires extraction (or one that has already been removed), we provide tooth replacement options!