FAQs: Wisdom Teeth Side Effects

faqsAre you starting to feel a little bit concerned about your wisdom teeth because you know you need to get them removed? However, you don’t like the idea of oral surgery, so you are putting it off. The good news is that the surgery and the aftercare are actually quite simple and less disrupting to your life than you might imagine! The bad news is that there are, in fact, some side effects of third molars left in place for too long if they are potentially damaging. Let’s explore with some FAQs!

Frequently Asked Questions: Third Molars

Question: If I neglect the need for wisdom teeth removal for impacted molars, are there going to be some sort of serious consequences?

Answer: Unfortunately, this can become serious. Problems like inflammation, decay, infection, and even the development of periodontal disease is common. Removing them ensures you can keep your smile healthy.

Question: What about wisdom teeth that are growing in but they seem to be on an angle that is headed toward other teeth?

Answer: Crooked third molars can cause serious injury to the teeth toward which they are growing. They can also lead to the misalignment of your smile. Removal is best!

Question: Is there any reason to remove my wisdom teeth if they have already completely grown in all the way?

Answer: Yes! If they are disturbing your bite, so that you cannot close your mouth or chew comfortably, or if they are difficult to care for, then removal is a good choice. Remember that due to their location, brushing them and flossing around them may prove extremely difficult, which increases your chance of decay.