Help! My Taste Buds Are Dull!

tonguewomanredlipsBefore you assume your taste buds have completely deserted you, packed their bags, and headed off for new ventures, remember that immediate taste loss isn’t really something to worry about. You may notice that your sense of taste is becoming dull or that you’re having some serious difficulty enjoying the foods you usually enjoy because they seem … well … flavorless. However, you should stop yourself from feeling upset, take a deep breath, and schedule a time to see us for a dental visit because hope is on the horizon!

Your Visit

During your visit, we will examine your smile and probably ask you a lot of questions. This is because the change in your ability to taste likely goes far beyond potential issues with your taste buds. We will need to see what type of dental work you have in your smile, ask you about any medical problems you’re having (and any medication you currently take), and more.

Your Age

As you age, your sense of taste can become less intense. It’s possible that it has something to do with the natural wear-and-tear that comes with being human! However, if you’re experiencing some serious frustration, there’s certainly another issue to explore.

Common Issues

Remember that it’s not only your taste buds that affect this sense of yours but also your nose. Then there’s some behind-the-scenes stuff that can affect your sense of taste, too. Here’s the rundown of what you can expect:

  • Foods might taste different if you’re experiencing an oral health problem, such as periodontal disease, dry mouth, or infection
  • You might have trouble tasting certain foods while you have a prosthetic, such as a full denture, in your mouth
  • You might be taking a particular type of medicine with a side effect that affects your sense of taste
  • You might be congested and not even realize it, which can dull your sense of taste