How To Save Money On Dental Hygiene

moneybagWhile you will typically find that dental hygiene products do not run up a massive bill on a monthly basis, it does not mean there aren’t ways to minimize your spending habits. After all, there’s no reason to waste money that could be attributed to other priorities! Whether you’re wondering if you’re using too much of something or if you’re not being the best shopper you could be, we have some very simple and helpful suggestions to keep some of your usual investment in toothpaste (and the like) in your pocket instead.

Price Check Different Stores

If you are someone who generally shops at one store for all of your needs, you may be overlooking something very important. Prices for dental hygiene products (just like for groceries and most other products) change from store to store. You might be spending entire extra dollars on individual items just because of the mark-up. Check out a few different shopping locations (or shop around online) for the best deal.

Make Sure You’re Not Over-Using Products

If you feel like you’re blazing through toothpaste, it’s possible you’re using too much. Maybe you’re going through toothbrushes like there’s no tomorrow. Consider the following tips, so you can avoid over-purchasing and using dental hygiene products:

  • Your toothpaste use per session should include just one pea-size dot of paste. This can dramatically decrease the frequency with which you need to buy toothpaste.
  • Don’t use a new toothbrush until you’ve been using yours for around three to four months (unless you get sick). Otherwise, you are replacing your brush too often.