I Bit My Cheek! Should I Schedule A Visit?

womancoveringmouthstrawbryYou know the feeling! When you are chewing gum or enjoying a meal and suddenly, somehow, your fragile cheek tissue slips between your teeth but you don’t notice it. Not until you continue gnashing your teeth together in an effort to chew, that is! It’s a very painful moment, which can be followed by some lingering discomfort and even a little bit of swelling. While it may feel awful, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to schedule a dental visit. Then again, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to. Give us a second to explain.

Yes, If It Happens All The Time

Perhaps you find that you bite your cheek a lot. Or, you bite it and then you keep biting it and it just keeps happening. When something like this is getting in the way of your ability to maintain a reasonable or enjoyable quality of life, it’s time to schedule a dental visit. We can determine whether something is wrong or if you require a few recommendations for avoiding this type of trauma.

Yes, If It Doesn’t Heal

Did you bite your cheek and attempt to keep it clean? However, have you noticed that the wound doesn’t seem to be going away after a few days, that it hurts, that your breath is suddenly bad, or that the area looks like it could be infected? Schedule a dental visit with us immediately!

No, If It’s Minor

Is this something that happens on occasion? Is it annoying but your cheek tissue typically heals within a couple days to a week or so? Good. You do not need to schedule a dental visit for this minor issue!