Prescription Drug Abuse Discussion Forum

pillscolorfuPerhaps you have been hearing stories in the news about opiate abuse, deaths of beloved celebrities, or simply about the over-prescription of these drugs. Whether this issue has touched your life directly or indirectly, you may wish to educate yourself more on the topic at this upcoming community event.

About the Event

This is an event for anyone interested in learning more about the issue of over-prescribed medication, specifically opiates. Whether you are in the medical field, a patient, or anyone else who is wondering how to remain proactive regarding this widespread concern, please feel free to join the symposium.

Event Location

Hosted by Stay on Track, this event will take place at the Hurst Conference Center, which is located at:

1601 Campus Drive
Hurst, TX 76054

Event Date and Time

You may join the event on Thursday, September 22, 2016 from 7:30am to 4:30pm.

Event Admission

Admission to this event is $25 per person. Remember to take a moment to register online.

Contact Information

To find out more about this event, you may call 817-336-6617.