Scheduling A Visit: 4 Ways To Motivate Yourself

4redAre you finding that you simply have trouble motivating yourself to schedule a dental visit? We understand. There’s an entire world of reasons we could come up with that could potentially cause a patient to choose not to set up an appointment. However, there’s also an entire vast universe of reasons we could counter with for why you should choose to go ahead and call. Since you’re likely a bit busy, we will pare that infinite number down to four for the time being. Get ready to get motivated!

#1: Envision Your Healthy Smile

Think about a healthy smile and what that looks like. If yours is currently healthy, you will want to schedule a dental visit to keep it that way. If it’s almost there, a visit will provide you with our services, which will help you regain that beautiful, healthy grin.

#2: Ask Yourself Why You’re Hesitating

What’s holding you back? If you’re worried, remind yourself that we offer sedation and a kind approach to dental care. Talk with us, so we know how you’re feeling.

#3: Remember That It Supports Your Dental Hygiene

Keep in mind that effective care includes brushing and flossing and dental visits. When you skip cleanings, you sabotage your ability to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Yes, you are brushing and flossing, but the minuscule amount of plaque left behind (that we will remove) can lead to decay and gingivitis, even if you’re doing your best.

#4: Think About Consequences

Of course, we would like you to focus on the positive aspects of dental care. However, patients motivated by potential consequences might want to think about what inevitably happens when one skips cleanings and checkups! Beyond decay and gingivitis, a smile left unchecked and untreated can deal with significant oral health decline and even tooth loss.