Sick? Don’t Drag Your Oral Health Down, Too

womansickWhen you’re sick, your energy and mood are not the only things that can get dragged down. It’s very possible to drag your oral health down, too! The good news? It’s easy to prevent this problem if you know how. When the flu, a cold, or otherwise get the best of you, don’t let their side effects include neglected dental health or the development of cavities. Take a moment to consider some negative habits you can easily avoid!

Careful With Cough Drops

If your throat is scratchy or you’re congested, you might find yourself reaching for the cough drops. This can greatly benefit your respiratory discomfort but it can also contribute to possible tooth decay. Protect your oral health by rinsing your mouth with water after you suck on a cough drop or seek out those that are free of sugar. Brushing your teeth midday in addition to morning and night will also help remove sugar from teeth if you’re sucking on cough drops throughout the day.

Easy On The Honey, Honey!

Tea with honey is a big soother when you don’t feel well. Unfortunately, that honey can contribute to tooth decay when it coats your teeth. If you can live without it, you might want to skip the honey. If it’s providing you with benefits (and flavor) you’d rather not skip, we suggest you rinse and brush after you consume it.

Trash Your Toothbrush (When You’re Well)

Once you’re feeling better, it’s time for the toothbrush you use throughout your illness to make its way into the trashcan. Reusing the same brush might not harm your oral health but what it can do is reintroduce viral or bacterial germs into your body, leading to another bout of sickness. Start fresh to protect your overall wellbeing.