Toothpaste: 3 Things To Avoid

3silverDid you ever think you’d be learning about certain toothpaste details to avoid? Surely, every single toothpaste option on the shelves of your local drugstore should provide you with the dental hygiene experience of your dreams, removing plaque and offering tartar protection with finesse! Right? Actually, like any product, there are some winners and a few losers. Let us help you stick with the effective options, so you can keep your oral health in line.

#1: Abrasive Additives

You don’t want to use anything abrasive on your teeth. That means you don’t want to start using a toothbrush with bristles that are firmer than “soft” during dental hygiene sessions. It also means your toothpaste should be nice and smooth and free of anything that could possibly scratch up your enamel.

#2: Empty Promises

Sure, this sounds a bit dramatic. However, if you believe a package of toothpaste that seems to promise it will cure your gum disease or dramatically whiten your smile, you will be quite disappointed with the results. Avoid anything that claims it does more than remove plaque and protect you from cavities. For these concerns, schedule a time to visit us.

#3: Using Too Much

Guess what? You can go overboard with the toothpaste application during your dental hygiene routine. In this instance, less is generally more (though you certainly need to use enough for a successful stint in front of the bathroom sink). An application the size of a pea is all you need for a gleaming grin.