3 Sugar-Free Options For Your Halloween Handouts

halloweenbatghostDo you find that as each year passes, you tell yourself that next Halloween, you are going to find some new items to give out when little trick-or-treaters come knocking on your door? As in, you’re over handing gobs of sugar to little kids because the thought of such cute smiles developing tooth decay makes you cringe. Fortunately, we happen to be experts in finding ways around sugar-laden holidays by coming up with enjoyable alternatives. Think over some helpful new choices to protect everyone’s oral health!

Coloring Tools

Little ones enjoy coloring just as much as they love candy (it’s a close second, at the very least). Why not offer up some exciting goodies like crayons, coloring pencils, or tiny notepads, so your visitors have something to play with later in the night that cannot possibly encourage tooth decay? Remember that anything related to creativity is always a good thought, so a stamp or decal is always fun, too!

Fake Teeth

There’s nothing quite like placing fake vampire teeth (or otherwise) on your smile on Halloween night to get a good laugh out of everyone. While this might be something you don’t indulge in anymore, you can be sure that this classic Halloween night accessory is still just as popular as it ever was. Hand out fake teeth to passersby and you’re sure to see some scary smiles.


Of course, you might want to be the “cool” neighbors who don’t pass out dental hygiene products. Or, maybe you really are hoping to save each and every last person on earth from dealing with tooth decay. If the latter is true, handing out toothbrushes (fun colors or characters will make the treat much more festive) in place of candy is where it’s at. Parents will certainly thank you!