Dentures: Improving Stability

implantdentureYou may notice over the course of wearing your full or partial dentures that you enjoy them as your tooth replacement solution. However, you might think that they’d be even better if they were just a bit more stable. Or, you might think to yourself that you’d really prefer dental implants but single crown implants are just not an option at the moment. You will be happy to hear that we can help you attain the desired goal with some suggestions you might not have considered yet. Let’s give a couple new ideas a go!

Rely On Adhesive

When you’re dealing with some minor slippage with your full or partial dentures, you’re simply looking for a way to improve suction. If the natural suction in your mouth has proven insufficient, making improvements can be as simple as picking up an over-the-counter denture adhesive from your grocery store or drugstore. It comes in different forms, such as creams or strips. Try them out to find which one works best for you.

Consider Implant Support

Did you know that you don’t need to rely on suction alone if you are a full or partial denture wearer? As a matter of fact, you can receive exceptional support from dental implants. Let’s say you’re interested in implants or you are just having a hard time with your denture. We can implant the titanium posts into your jaw tissue that stand in place of the roots of your missing teeth. We will place them strategically, so they will fit securely within a modified denture. As you might imagine, you can expect amazing stability as a result.