Fast Facts: Understanding Root Canals

factssignWe are very familiar with the feelings you may experience as we tell you that you require a root canal treatment to protect your oral health. While you might feel the slightest hint of excitement or relief knowing we can address your tooth problem, you are probably experiencing a greater amount of not-so-friendly emotions. If you find that fear, concern, worry, or anticipation are getting the best of you, it’s likely because you need some additional information. When you know all there is to know about receiving a root canal, you know that only good things will come of it. Consider some helpful facts.

You Won’t Feel Much

First things first, remember that we offer dental sedation on top of numbing your tooth. This means that if you feel anything, it will certainly not be even an ounce of discomfort.

Your Tooth Won’t Heal Without It

You cannot skip out on a root canal treatment because there is no alternative. The pulp in your tooth is damaged or inflamed, which means we need to extract it from your tooth.

Avoiding Care Can Become Severe

When you avoid a root canal treatment, you are setting yourself up for a wealth of severe side effects. These may include the loss of your tooth, worsening infection (and infection that spreads to nearby teeth and tissues), an infection that may abscess (and a potential rupture of that abscess), and more.

It’s A Means To An End

When the root canal treatment is complete, your tooth is healthy again. We remove the pulp, seal, protect, and restore the tooth with a crown, and in just a couple days it’s back to life as usual.