Jack-o’-lantern Smiles: Good For Pumpkins, Not For You

jackolanternglowYes, your Jack-o’-lantern’s smile looks quite appropriate for Halloween when you’ve ensured it has some missing teeth. While the open spaces in your pumpkin’s grin make October (and your front porch) feel that much more ghoulish and creepy, this is not really the way you’d like to think of your own smile. If you’re dealing with gaps or open spaces, come in for a visit. We can talk with you about what’s happening with your oral health (and offer ways to fix it).

When You’ve Got Gaps

If you have gaps between your teeth, we will need to see you because this can either require cosmetic care or orthodontic care. If the gaps are very small and are not occurring due to misalignment that negatively affects your bite and oral health, it’s something we can address with cosmetic treatments like bonding. If it is, in fact, a problem with the way your top and bottom jaws and teeth fit together, you will require orthodontic treatment.

When You’re Missing Teeth

If the spaces in your smile are due to missing teeth, this is an oral health concern that requires immediate care. Neglected tooth loss can mean serious long-term damage over time (such as teeth that shift out of alignment or issues with the breakdown of your jaw health). Repairing your smile requires us to complete it with tooth replacement treatment. Don’t worry, we provide a medley of esthetically pleasing, stable options like dental bridges, partial and full dentures, and dental implants.