Quiz: Marking Your Progress By The Minute, Day, And More

quiztalkbubblesWhen you’re taking a look at your approach to dental care, you may wonder how you’re doing. However, the days often tend to run together, so it can become difficult to reflect on the reality of your efforts in comparison to what you think is going on. The best way to make sure you’re practicing optimal prevention for your oral health is to take time to consider the details of your dental hygiene. Not sure how to do this? Quiz yourself! You may discover you’re already taking the necessary steps.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: If you’re paying attention to the minutes regarding your daily dental hygiene, it’s important to remember the number “2” because it’s the amount of minutes you should spend brushing your teeth (each time).
  2. True or False: When considering what’s happening on a daily basis, protecting your oral health means you should remember to brush your teeth two times and floss your smile one time.
  3. True or False: If you’re reflecting on what’s you’re doing to keep your smile healthy on a monthly basis, we encourage you to remember that every time six months pass, you should be coming into our practice to see us for your preventive care appointment.

Quiz Answers

  1. True. When you practice the brushing part of your dental hygiene session every day, it should take you two minutes. You should be doing this twice for a total of four minutes of daily brushing.
  2. True. Fortunately, protecting the health of your smile when you’re home really is as simple as ensuring your daily care includes brushing (twice) and flossing (once).
  3. True. You know that your brushing and flossing is extremely effective for your oral health care but that it will only carry you so far. Good new: Completing the job only requires seeing us twice for a cleaning and checkup every year.