Sleep Apnea Clarification: Yes Or No?

yesornoarrowsDo you find that as you sort through what feels like figurative piles of information on the Internet, you’re only further and further from finding simple answers about sleep apnea? If so, you are probably someone who thinks you may need sleep apnea treatment but a lack of factual details is causing you to feel confused instead of certain. The good news is that this process does not need to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Instead, it becomes very simple when you visit us for a consultation. Until then, we encourage you to consider some simple questions and answers, so you feel some relief.

Sleep Apnea: Yes or No?

Yes Or No: It’s completely possible that you can experience sleep apnea and require sleep apnea treatment without having any idea that this is the problem affecting you.

Answer: Yes! This is accurate. You might have some notion that something strange is happening with you because you might feel increasingly tired, while experiencing other problems. However, it’s possible that the cause will consistently elude you.

Yes Or No: Since it’s so hard to diagnose sleep apnea and a need for sleep apnea treatment on your own, you will probably go on for a very long time without figuring out the source of the problem or treating it.

Answer: No! This is not accurate, as long as you are coming to see us as we suggest. When you schedule your preventive care appointments with us twice a year (every six months), we are quite comprehensive. In addition to checking the physical state of your smile, we ask you questions that will quickly unveil an underlying functional disorder, whether it’s bruxism, TMD, or sleeping issues.

Yes Or No: If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, you will only need treatment if you don’t feel good.

Answer: No! You will need treatment no matter what because it will prevent you from eventually feeling bad and experiencing health problems if they have not yet begun to occur.