2 Important Times You Should Rinse

2woodDo you ever think about the different times you might want to rinse your mouth to protect your oral health? Or, do you only rinse with water when you’re brushing your teeth? Fortunately, rinsing is very easy to do throughout the day and it’s extremely effective in contributing to a healthy grin. Find out about a couple instances during which a quick rinse might benefit you immensely.

#1: After Snacks Or Meals

After you eat a snack or a meal, it’s always to your advantage to rinse your smile with water. However, patients often overlook this fact, assuming dental hygiene is only beneficial in the morning and just before bed. The truth is that to protect your oral health, keeping food particles off of your teeth throughout the day is very important in preventing decay and gingivitis. As a result, we suggest you rinse after you eat. Then, for even more protection, brush your smile a half hour later if you are able.

#2: When You Are “Stomach Sick”

There’s no nice way to say it (though “stomach sick” is possibly less unfortunate than the more straightforward term: Vomiting). You may end up going through this unpleasant experience because you’re nervous, because you’re pregnant and dealing with morning sickness, because of a stomach bug, or for other reasons. What’s important to remember is that when you do, you should rinse your smile immediately afterwards with water. Brushing right away is actually not in your favor because your teeth have just been coated with acid. However, if you can bring yourself to brush about 30 minutes after you’ve rinsed, your oral health will benefit.