Building Blocks Of Cosmetic Dentistry

blocksYou know that cosmetic dentistry offers an avenue for smile improvement. This could mean making your smile look whiter, more aligned, fixing chips, and nearly anything else under the sun! While most patients grin from ear to ear with happiness at the thought of fixing such issues, they don’t always understand how it is that we go about making cosmetic changes a reality. Would you like to learn about the building blocks that make up the transformation you want to achieve? We’re happy to line them out for you.

Your Smile Specifications

The first building block to cosmetic dentistry is gathering the details about your smile. We need to know everything, so we can choose the right treatment and offer it to you in a way that fits your unique smile care requirements. Consider the following:

  • We will collect the precise dimensions (measurements) of your smile
  • We will consider the color of your teeth
  • We will find out what you want to happen and how you imagine your future smile

Creating A Natural Finish

Another essential building block of cosmetic dentistry is the goal of offering natural results. If the results look artificial, the transformation becomes a counterproductive one. Our mission, of course, is for it to look like it’s your smile and that it’s a beautiful one. We achieve this by making thoughtful choices regarding shape and color (we make sure it looks believable against your other features). We also rely on the use of materials that allow us to create the illusion of natural tooth tissue.

Addressing The Problem

A very important building block of cosmetic dentistry is addressing the problem according to your needs, not what the problem seems to call for on the surface. For example, your discolored smile may require veneers, while your friend’s requires whitening.